Your Kitchen Cabinet: Our Origin Story. Where Did We Come From?

Season 2 of "Your Kitchen Cabinet: Radical Leaders Uncovering the Past to Build the Democracy We All Deserve," is a six part series on Zoom that will examine the origins and ideas that birthed democracy in the United States and how those ideals still reverberate today. As candidates and campaigns seek to transform our democracy in this special moment, it is important to understand how we really came to be, to illuminate where we are going, and most importantly, to reveal what type of democracy we deserve.

Wednesday, July 15: Our Origin Story. Where Did We Come From?

Many of the ideals and governance structures that were touted by the Founding Founders and Mothers as uniquely American and what made us exceptional, were actually ideas inspired and borrowed by many Native American cultural and religious traditions. Ironically, Native folks practicing those same cultural and religious traditions and rituals were outlawed until 1978. How people practice their cultures and religions continue to be an issue of contention in modern America. Most recently, the restrictions placed on building mosques in certain areas or the Muslim ban are examples of how this is still playing out. As people in positions power, how can we approach these issues with thoughtfulness and fairness?



July 15, 2020 at 1:00pm - 2:30pm