Your Kitchen Cabinet: Every Woman's Virtual Campaign Team

Looking for expert advice and guidance to help you run your own campaign (or support a campaign) and win?
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Your Kitchen Cabinet is a digital series hosted by Erin Vilardi, Founder and CEO and Pakou Hang, Chief Program Officer of Vote Run Lead, featuring guest experts, advisors, leaders, officials, and activists from across the political sphere and beyond. We have open conversations about real issues, timely topics, and provide actionable steps and guidance for you to add to your cabinet toolbox. Don't forget to check out our downloadable resources below.

Season 1 focused on campaigning in the time of coronavirus. Season 2 we will teach candidates something hidden within American history that can shed light on present-day political issues and is happening soon! Sign up today


Your Kitchen Cabinet: Campaigning in the Time of COVID-19

Your Kitchen Cabinet: Protect the Vote, Protect Democracy


Your Kitchen Cabinet: What are Voters Thinking and How Should Campaigns Message to Them

Your Kitchen Cabinet: Seeking the Beloved Community: Campaigns, Communities of Color and COVID-19: A Collaboration Between Vote Run Lead and New American Leaders

Your Kitchen Cabinet: Digital Campaigning in the Time of COVID-19

Your Kitchen Cabinet: Resistance, Resilience, and Renewal: Joyful Leadership in the Time of COVID-19

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