Statement on Breonna Taylor

Today, our hearts are with Breonna Taylor’s grief-stricken family and her community. The grand jury’s ruling and the lack of accountability for her murder is a travesty of justice that fails us all. 

This impunity is part of a persistent and systematic pattern of dehumanization and criminalization that Black women, girls and women of color in America face daily at the hands of the state. We cannot expect the very system that perpetuates the violence to hold itself accountable. 

We demand new leadership, outside and inside the system, to reimagine and redesign our institutions of justice --- in accountability, purpose and practice.

This is our commitment. We will not stop fighting for justice. We will not stop working to recruit, train and elect women who are anti-racist, intersectional, reform leaders at every level and position of power. 

We do this in memory of Breonna Taylor.