Statement on Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

Congratulations to Vice President-elect, Kamala Devi Harris. The First.

This is a historical moment.

Back in August, Senator Harris accepted the Democratic Vice Presidential nomination with the phrase, "Kamala, for the people," and today we've learned that the people rose to bestow upon her an awesome honor. May she always have strength in her heart, bright eyes to see a way forward, and a fire for justice. 

She is the first female Vice President, the first Black woman Vice President, and the first Indian-American Vice President. To be the first is a prayer for the future; that in the future, young girls will never doubt that they can occupy the most powerful positions in the world because they have witnessed it with their own eyes.

Vice President-elect Harris stands at the front of a record-breaking wave of women who ran for office this year (215 Vote Run Lead alums on the ballots Tuesday alone), many who will soon step into political power alongside her. They are immigrant women, Black women, Indigenous and Latinx women, other women of color; they are moms and younger women and from both sides of the aisle who are eager to bring feminist principles to the fore. Today we celebrate. We cry happy tears. We raise our heads a little higher, hug our daughters a little tighter.

Congratulations Vice President-elect Harris, and congratulations America. (It’s about damn time!)