The New Majority

Highlighting some Vote Run Lead Alums making history in NYC:

  • 16 members of our community - including 8 alumnae - helped create the first-ever women-majority New York City Council.
  • 38 community members ran for city council.
  • 51 alumnae and community members in total ran in NYC elections this year.

There are new ‘firsts’ for the NYC council, including the first-time use of Ranked Choice Voting as well as the dynamic make-up of the 51 member body. Vote Run Lead alumnae include Marjorie Velásquez, Althea Stevens, Rita Joseph, Julie Won, Jennifer Gutiérrez, Pierina Sanchez, Amanda Farías, and Shahana Hanif, and community members Linda Lee, Carlina Rivera, Adrienne Adams, Sandy Nurse, Farah Louis, Carmen De La Rosa, Crystal Hudson, and Julie Menin. Together, they make up 16 of the 31 female members of the NYC Council, now more than 60% women. Learn more about each of them!

Pictured from left to right: Incoming New York City Councilwomen Althea Stevens, Marjorie Velazquez, and Linda Lee