Khin Khin Gyi, Culver City Council
Nakita Hemingway, GA Commissioner of Agriculture
Naomi Hyman, MD State Senate SD37
Nancy Jost, MN House of Reps HD9A
Shoshanna Kelly, NH Executive Council D5
Janet Kitui, Edina City Council
Karen Lindberg Jefferson, Douglas County Clerk and Recorder
Karen MacLaughlin, Olmsted County Attorney
Anne Marcotte, Aitkin County Commissioner D5
Randi McCallian, US House of Reps MO-8
Cathy Albro, MI House of Reps HD104
Erika Bailey-Johnson, MN House of Reps HD2B
Edie Barrett, MN House of Reps HD12A
Lisa Beck, IN House of Reps HD19
Sally Boos, MN House of Reps HD6B
Aleta Borrud, MN State Senate SD24
Husniyah Bradley, Richfield City Council At Large
Michelle Brandt, SC House of Reps HD114
Chris Brazelton, MN State Senate SD29
Caitlin Cahill, MN House of Reps HD37A
Tami Calhoun, MN House of Reps HD14A
Jennifer Carpentier, MN House of Reps HD17A
Vangie Castro, Rochester City Council D3
Dorothy Coker, GA House of Reps HD 34
Amanda Cook, Guilford County Schools school board
Jackie Craig, MN State Senate SD57
Elise Diesslin, MN House of Reps HD20B
Alicia Donahue, MN State Senate SD54
Kari Dorry, MN State Senate SD12
Courtney Driver, GA House of Reps HD146
Carrie Duran, NH House of Reps Carroll 6
Montenia Edwards, GA House of Reps HD64
Lena Epstein, University of Michigan Board of Regents
Kate Falvey, MN State Senate SD19
Lana Feddema, Stearns County Commissioner D4
Tina Folch, MN House of Reps HD41B
Melinda Fountain, IN State Senate SD11
Kimberly Gane, MI State Senate SD20
Laura Gapske, WI State Assembly AD73