Run As You Are powered by Women's Fund of Rhode Island

You already have the experience, talent and networks to achieve your political ambition! Join The Women’s Fund of Rhode Island and Vote Run Lead on Wednesday, August 18th for a 2-hour Run As You Are™ (RAYA) training, followed by a panel where you’ll hear from female elected officials in Rhode Island.

This training will bring women leaders, who are a part of the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island community, together to accelerate the growth of their political networks and prepare them to take the next step to run for office, with practical and actionable steps.

Through these sessions, women will better understand how their work experience, background, and life’s journey equip them to run, and win, by identifying the passion that brought them here and learning how to tell their story in a compelling way and present themselves as the best candidate. Attendees will get a well rounded training experience in not only growing their civic capital, but understanding how to run a successful campaign, who to hire, and how to fundraise.

We need women to run for local and state office because more women in politics creates real change, effective democracy, and better government. Join us on August 18th!



August 18, 2021 at 4:00pm - 7pm