RUN/51 Rural Minnesota Women Training

As the Brookings Institute has said: “The future of rural America is increasingly marked by growing diversity and expanding inequity within and across regions.” 

We know that in rural Minnesota, our communities are not monoliths. We need new leaders and innovative thinking to build policies that work for all our neighbors — whether teachers, farmers, small business owners, or newcomers. 

Maybe you know someone with passion, ideas and commitment? Maybe that someone is YOU. 

In a joint effort, Vote Run Lead, 100 Rural Women, UniteCloud, and the Land Stewardship Project are looking for women in rural Minnesota who are interested in taking their community leadership to the next level: running for public office. This free remote-learning session will help participants ground themselves in why they do the work they do, explore their specific skills and abilities, and gain the necessary confidence to go from “thinking about running” to taking their first steps toward a campaign.

At the end of this 90-minute training, participants will have a personal inventory of their skills, experiences, and strengths, understand their personal  values and “why” they are running for office, and be able to acknowledge doubts and misbeliefs they have around their ability to run for office.

Who we are

100 Rural Women sees a future where more rural women lead positive change for themselves, their families and communities, the nation, and the world. We are committed to building leadership through networks, mentorship, education, and civic engagement.

UniteCloud helps to advance social justice in Central MN through education and actionable steps to help people know, love and stand up for neighbors. We seek to foster a safe and trusting Central MN community free of discrimination and oppression.

The Land Stewardship Project fosters an ethic of stewardship for farmland to promote sustainable agriculture and develop sustainable communities. Our core values are stewardship, justice, and democracy.  

Vote Run Lead is fighting to create a more inclusive and reflective democracy. We are committed to unleashing the political power of women as voters, candidates and leaders to create and sustain an equitable democracy. One of our specific goals is to move Minnesota’s legislature to fair representation of women — that means 51% (or more!) — by 2024.



May 09, 2023 at 5:00pm - 7pm