RUN/51 Minnesota: What it takes to win in 2022

Women of Minnesota are 51% of the population but less than 30% of our government. It’s time to close the leadership gap by helping you run for public office -- and win. On Saturday, September 25, we will give you winning strategies for how to launch your campaign and make it successful, while not losing yourself in the process.

You will get a clear timeline to follow, the best messaging tips to be your authentic self, a “how-to” for hiring the right staff, and deep-dive into fundraising that really works.

Our goal is to make the Minnesota Statehouse 51% female by 2024 but participants can have ambitions for any level of office. Vote Run Lead’s curriculum works -- more than half of all women win and 71% of women of color won in 2020!

The three-hour session will be interactive -- you’ll team up, work in small groups and get individualized attention. We are bringing together women leaders from every corner of the state and will cover a lot of ground. Campaign Managers are encouraged to attend.



September 25, 2021 at 12:00pm - 3pm