It's Time for all 50 States to have Women as the Majority

Only one state in America, Nevada, has a female majority in their legislature. At this rate, it will take at least 60 years to achieve reflective representation in our statehouses. We can't wait. We need a monumental, positive shift where women are the majority in all our state legislatures. 

It's time to make the statehouse, her house. It's time for RUN/51.

RUN/51 is a sure-fire strategy to achieve women majorities in all 50 state legislatures. With resources for every woman in every state, we will help you run and win. We are going deep in three key states: New York, Georgia and Minnesota, to achieve 51% by 2024 and create a playbook that can be replicated everywhere.

Nominate yourself, or another formidable woman, and you'll receive a 10-week plan to run a successful campaign for the house or senate in your state, get access to coaches who have won legislative races, and join a nonpartisan network of your peers.

Want to help change the face of democracy?

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