A Monumental Shift in Women’s Representation

In recent years, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of women seeking and winning elected office. Despite being 51% of the nation’s population, women are still less than 30% of elected state officials. We need a monumental, positive shift in women’s representation to reach parity in elected offices throughout the nation.

We have pinpointed three key states where we can train enough women to create gender-equal state legislatures: Georgia, Minnesota, and New York. Help us propel 106 women to run and win – thus shifting these legislatures to 51% women by 2024.

Are you considering running for office? Or do you know someone that should? Sign up or nominate someone below.


Are You Running for Office?

We can help you win.

The state legislature is a ladder to higher public offices. Ilhan Omar, Rashia Tlaib and Stacey Abrams have all done it, and we can help you with your campaign. Fun Fact: Ilhan Omar is a proud VRL alumna.


Will You Nominate Someone?

Women govern differently.

Studies show women are more collaborative, bi-partisan, and work on policies that more often benefit the common good and vulnerable populations. Nominate a woman you think would do an amazing job.

Save The Date:

The Launch of Run 51

Assuming the current seats held by women in Georgia, Minnesota, and New York remain as they currently are, the gap to get to 51% is 111 seats. In the new year, we are launching a campaign to make it happen.

Help us fill 111 state legislature seats with barrier-breaking women.

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