ROE Email May 4, 2022


By now you’ve seen the coverage and felt the shared outrage surrounding the leaked Supreme Court draft ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. While many of us knew it was possible, it doesn't lessen the disappointment or the fear. (Nor does it change any laws today.) 

Yesterday, I made my way to the steps of the Supreme Court to be in community and to remember that – even in times of peril – we have the power, as women, to create the country we deserve. I teared up and I shouted. It felt good to use my voice

Despite Roe v. Wade codifying access to abortions at the federal level, state legislatures have always held the power over reproductive rights and it is where Vote Run Lead is setting our sights. America’s statehouses must be run by women who are proudly feminist in their leadership, actively anti-racist, and warriors for democracy. Our goal must be the majority: 51% women’s representation in all 50 state legislatures. Nothing less.

I don't have to tell you about “trigger laws” or the 26 states ready to ban abortion once a final ruling is made by SCOTUS this summer. You know the reality. I do want to remind you, though, that the erosion of voting rights, the strategic anti-LGBTQ laws, the devaluing of Black lives, the mis- and disinformation campaigns, and the dismantling of reproductive freedoms are all connected. Creating a class of sub-citizens of our republic, fully taxed but not full beneficiaries of its rights and freedoms, is exactly the agenda. Our collective causes are intertwined. Our strategies must be, too. We stand with the leaders of the reproductive justice movements and commit to continue to seed the political leaders we can count on to fully realize our rights, liberties and happiness.  

In solidarity,


Vote Run Lead · New York, NY, United States
Vote Run Lead does not support or endorse candidates.