Liz Olson

Representative Liz Olson’s work is rooted in engaging and mobilizing the community around a shared vision of a more just and compassionate community.

During her time at Generations Health Care Initiatives, Liz developed, implemented, and oversaw programs to ensure health care access for all. Listening to community needs, Liz started the InsureDuluth coalition of healthcare organizations and nonprofits to support the rollout of the Affordable Care Act in Duluth and the surrounding region.

In 2015 she led an initiative that interviewed over 8,000 individuals and nine organizations in Duluth to identify shared policy priorities. This led to the formation of the Vision Duluth coalition which has advanced a number of these shared policy priorities locally, including Earned Sick and Safe Time.

Most recently, in her role as Deputy Majority Leader in the Minnesota House of Representatives Liz led the entire Democratic House Caucus in a process to develop a shared, values based agenda rooted in the voice of Minnesotans. The Minnesota Values Plan was successfully passed by the Minnesota House. In 2019 Liz carried and got passed into law landmark legislation ensuring opioid manufacturers paid their fair share into combating the opioid crisis in Minnesota. In addition to leading the MVP work, she also serves as past Majority Whip, current Deputy Majority leader and Vice Chair of the Ways and Means Committee.

Liz has a Master’s Degree in Congerational and Community Care from Luther Seminary, is an avid trail runner and lives in West Duluth with her family.

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