Lejing Lin

Curriculum Development Fellow

From Queens, NY, Lejing Lin (she/her/hers) recently graduated from Binghamton University in Fall 2021 with Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Asian and Asian American Studies. During her time at college, she was elected as the Vice President of College Democrats of New York (CDNY), the largest student-led progressive organization in New York. Energized by the momentum of youth civic engagement, Lejing and the rest of the CDNY Team organized students to make over fifty thousand calls for state and local candidates that aligned with the organization’s mission in the 2020 Election. In addition to her work leading CDNY, Lejing served as the Director of University Student Association Advocates, providing key resources to guide students through the university conduct process. Beyond her roles on campus, Lejing is interested in learning about the Intersectionality framework, and applying it to the operations of both micro and macro-activism. During her free time, Lejing likes to explore new neighborhoods in New York City and tend to her plants.