Election Decompression

Join the Master of Advocacy and Political Leadership program at Metropolitan State University and Vote Run Lead Chief Program Officer, Pakou Hang for an event devoted to understanding the November election results.

By November 24, the ballots will have been counted for state and federal races, and we hope there will be some clear answers about who has won and what these victories mean for our future. Hear from a bipartisan panel of experts who will dissect the election results and make predictions for future governance. Our panel will tackle these questions and more:

- How did our election system hold up in a hotly contested election in the midst of a pandemic? What can we learn from the experience of administering an election during a time of multiple crises?

- Why did the winners win? What messages and strategies most resonated with voters here in Minnesota and throughout the country?

- What do the election results portend about the entering government? What can we expect will be first up on the agenda?


November 24, 2020 at 6:00pm - 7pm