Heather Keeler, MN House of Reps HD4A
Sheila Kiscaden, Olmsted County Commissioner D6
Teresa Kittridge, Itasca Hospital District Board Member (Marcell Township)
Ginny Klevorn, MN House of Reps HD42B
Alicia Kozlowski, MN House of Reps HD8B
Mary Kunesh, MN State Senate SD39
London Lamar, TN State Senate SD33
Valarie Lawson, RI State Senate SD14
Liz Lee, MN House of Reps HD67A
Grace Lee, NY State Assembly AD65
Tina Liebling, MN House of Reps HD24B
Mesha Mainor, GA House of Reps HD56
Amáda Márquez Simula, Columbia Heights Mayor
Joyce Mason, IL House of Reps HD61
Juli Mathew, Fort Bend County Court at Law No 3
Rebecca McClellan, CO State Board of Education District 6
Annie Mcdaniel, SC House of Reps HD41
Rebecca McWilliams, NH House of Reps Merrimack 30
Abigail Medina, San Bernardino Unified School District Board of Education
Dafna Michaelson Jenet, CO House of Reps HD32
Nicole Mitchell, MN State Senate SD47
Zaynab Mohamed, MN State Senate SD63
Angela Moore, GA House of Reps HD91
Yonelle Moore, Charles County Board of Education D4
See Moua-Leske, Marshall City Council Ward 2
Erin Murphy, MN State Senate SD64
Victoria Neave Criado, TX House of Reps HD107
Carla Nelson, MN State Senate SD24
Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas, New Brighton Mayor
Ember Oakley, WY House of Reps HD55
Liz Olson, MN House of Reps HD8A
Ilhan Omar, US House of Reps MN-5
Heidi Omerza, Ely Mayor
Clare Oumou Verbeten, MN State Senate SD66
Sandra Pappas, MN State Senate SD65
Elena Parent, GA State Senate SD42
Judith Pearson, Cook Hospital District Board Member (Beatty Township)
Shelley Peterson, Providence City Council Ward 14
Brittany Pettersen, US House of Reps CO-07
Susan Pha, MN State Senate SD38
Emma Pinter, Adams County Commission D3
Laurel Podulke-Smith, Olmsted County Commissioner D1
Lindsey Port, MN State Senate SD55
Dianne Primavera, CO Lieutenant Governor
Sherrie Pugh, Mound City Council
Kristi Pursell, MN House of Reps HD58A
Erin Maye Quade, MN State Senate SD56
Jenifer Rajkumar, NY State Assembly AD38
Jessica Ramos, NY State Senate SD13
Josie Raymond, KY House of Reps HD41
Heather Raymond, NH House of Reps Hillsborough 5
Lucy Rehm, MN House of Reps HD48B
Ann Rest, MN State Senate SD43
Liz Reyer, MN House of Reps HD52A
Ruth Richardson, MN House of Reps HD52B
Ruwa Romman, GA House of Reps HD97
Allison Russo, OH House of Reps HD7
Elise Ryan, Chanhassen Mayor
Lori Saroya, Blaine City Council Ward 1
Kim Schofield, GA House of Reps HD63
Melissa Shusterman, PA House of Reps HD157
Carletta Sims Brown, Richmond County Civil and Magistrate Court Judge
Kandie Smith, NC State Senate SD5
Tara Snyder, Aitkin County Recorder
Priscila Sousa, MA House of Representatives 6th Middlesex District
Audrey Thayer, Bemidji City Council at Large
Wendy Thomas, NH House of Reps Hillsborough 12
Brianna Titone, CO House of Reps HD27
Lauren Underwood, US House of Reps IL-14
Karina Villa, IL State Senate SD25
Julie von Haefen, NC House of Reps HD36
Toni Wallace, Fort Bend County Court at Law No 4
Lea Webb, NY State Senate SD52
Regina Weiss, MI House of Reps HD6
Bonnie Westlin, MN State Senate SD42
Jheanelle Wilkins, MD House of Delegates HD20
Jenny Willford, CO House of Reps HD34
Nikema Williams, US House of Reps GA-05
Faith Winter, CO State Senate SD25
Carrie Woerner, NY State Assembly AD113
Cheryl Youakim, MN House of Reps HD46B
Kayla Young, WV House of Delegates HD56
Dar’shun Kendrick, GA House of Representatives HD95