Patty Acomb, MN House of Reps HD45B
Esther Agbaje, MN House of Reps HD59B
Kate Agnew, Edina City Council
Debra Altschiller, NH State Senate SD24
Sue AnderBois, Providence, RI City Council, Ward 3
Kristin Bahner, MN House of Reps HD37B
Monique Baker McCormick, Wayne County Commission D6
Rosemary Bayer, MI State Senate SD13
Jamie Becker-Finn, MN House of Reps HD40B
Rebecca Bell-Metereau, TX Board of Education D5
Patty Bentley, GA House of Reps HD150
Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn, NY State Assembly AD42
Shannon Bird, CO House of Reps HD29
Liz Boldon, MN State Senate SD25
Mary Bradfield, CO House of Reps HD21
Monica Broncucia-Jordan, Adams County Chief Coroner
Sharon Brooks Green, School Board District 281
Samra Brouk, NY State Senate SD55
Rhonda Burnough, GA House of Reps HD77
Anita Burroughs, NH House of Representatives Carroll 2
Cori Bush, US House of Reps MO-01
Erin Byrnes, MI House of Reps HD15
Justine Caldwell, RI House of Reps HD30
Lisa Campbell, GA House of Reps HD35
Gerri Cannon, NH House of Reps HD Strafford 12
Park Cannon, GA House of Reps HD58
Doreen Carter, GA House of Reps HD93
Brenda Carter, MI House of Reps HD53
Monique Chandler-Waterman, NY State Assembly AD58
Mary Frances Clardy, MN House of Reps HD53A
Stephanie Clayton, KS House of Reps HD19
Kimberly-Ann Collins, MO House of Reps HD77
Sue Conley, WI State Assembly AD44
Natalie Copeland, School Board ISD742
Terri Cortvriend, RI House of Reps HD72
Catalina Cruz, NY State Assembly AD39
Brion Curran, MN House of Reps HD36B
Lisa Cutter, CO State Senate SD20
Lucy Dathan, CT House of Reps HD142
Jennifer Dejournett, Three Rivers Park District Commissioner D2
Laura Dias, IL House of Reps HD62
Andrea Duhon, Harris County Department of Education Precinct 2
Amy Enga, Rogers, MN City Council
Denise Ennett, AR House of Reps HD80
Elisabeth Epps, CO House of Reps HD6
Stacey Evans, GA House of Reps HD57
Kate Farrar, CT House of Reps HD20
Sandra Feist, MN House of Reps HD39B
Irene Fernando, Hennepin County Commissioner D2
Denise Garner, AR House of Reps HD20
Aniece Germain, Cranston, RI City Council, Ward 2
Lydia Glaize, GA House of Reps HD67
Aisha Gomez, MN House of Reps HD62A
Kristen Gonzalez, NY State Senate SD59
Jessica González-Rojas, NY State Assembly AD34
Gaby Grossman, NH House of Reps Rockingham 11
Victoria Gu, RI State Senate SD38
Cat Hadley, Ann Arbor Library Board
Cassandra Hainey, Pike Township Town Clerk
Liz Hanbidge, PA House of Reps HD61
Jessica Hanson, MN House of Reps HD55A
Annie Harala, St Louis County Commissioner D1
Hodan Hassan, MN House of Reps HD62B
Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger, MN House of Reps HD47A
Kaohly Her, MN House of Reps HD64A
Leslie Herod, CO House of Reps HD8
Kim Hicks, MN House of Reps HD25A
Beth Hippert, Lake County Soil and Water D3
Maura Hirschauer, IL House of Reps HD49
Athena Hollins, MN House of Reps HD66B
Heather Holmes, School Board Member ISD #531
Maria Horn, CT House of Reps HD64
Melissa Hortman, MN House of Reps HD34B
Anne Hughes, CT House of Reps HD135
Alicia Hyndman, NY State Assembly AD29
Keri Ingle, MO House of Reps HD35
Sara Innamorato, PA House of Reps HD21
Rachel James, Columbia Heights City Council at Large
Julie Jeppson, Anoka County Commissioner D6
Jennifer Jermaine, Maricopa County Justice
Courtney Johnson, Carver Mayor
Amy Johnson, Ashby Mayor
Meghan Kallman, RI State Senate SD15
Regina Lewis-Ward, GA House of Representatives HD115