Election Day 2022

Across the country, Vote Run Lead women from 31 states and the Virgin Islands, from New York to Rhode Island, Kansas to Colorado, to Georgia to Minnesota, were on the ballot. 

Of our 253 alumnae on the Nov 8 ballot:

💪🏻 105 women from the Vote Run Lead community will be sitting in statehouses in 23 states. YES!
💪🏽 100 were women of color. 
💪🏻 6 VRL alums headed to Congress.
💪🏿 131 (52%) were running as a challenger or non-incumbent.
💪🏼 68% won their races, a 74% win rate. 
💪🏽 73% of women of color won their races. 
💪🏿 70% of women running for state legislature won their office.