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Only one state has a majority of women in their legislature: Nevada. 

Vote Run Lead aims to make it 5 states in 2 election cycles. 

It’s  a revolutionary initiative in Georgia, Minnesota, Ohio, and New York to shift state legislatures from ~30% to 51% female representation by 2024, focusing on women of color and rural women.

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OUR 2020 Results! >>>
310 alumni ran. 221 on the ballot, and of those:
  • 41% (87) were women of color and 8 LGBTQ, 6 immigrant or first generation, and 4 veterans
  • 4 Black women alums are headed to U.S. House of Representatives!
  • 64% were running as a challenger or non-incumbents
  • 55% won their races
  • 71% of women of color won their races
  • 73 of the 147 women (50%!) who ran for a state legislative office won, the #1 office for which VRL alums ran

Your tax-deductible gift to Vote Run Lead will support all of our ground-breaking programs.

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