A New Strategy Revealed

At TEDWomen, Founder, Erin Vilardi took part in "Leaders building the multiracial democracy of the future" with Bo Thao-Urabe of the Coalition of Asian American Leaders & AAPI Civic Engagement Fund; Tiana Epps-Johnson, founder of Center for Tech and Civic Life; Liz Alarcón, founder of Pulso; Yordanos Eyoel of New Profit; Jade Begay of the NDN Collective; and Steph Sterling of the Roosevelt Institute. All women and organizations you need to know, so check them out! Vote Run Lead Board Member Kitty Kolbert gave her TED Talk on the fate of Roe v. Wade where she layed out a new, better future that prioritizes the health of all women and children. It requires that more of us run for "everything from the school board to town councils to state legislatures to Congress and the White House."