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COVID-19: Actions You Can Take

Five Actionable Steps You Can Take While Quarantined 


Social Distancing is the new normal for many of us at Vote Run Lead, and we are prepared to do what is necessary to end the spread of Covid-19. But the truth is, we are not letting up on the fight to train women to run for office, and win. Our mission appears in many ways, some of which you can act on during this time of being quarantined. Take one or all of the recommended actions below to help your community thrive. 


  1. Fill out your Census
  2. Check out a few books from our book list and be inspired.  
  3. Reach out to a local campaign using our Facebook Alum page and offer to volunteer. 
  4. Sign on to tell your Senator to help pass the Families First Act.
  5. Get offline. Take a break and let yourself adjust.  

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