Black Women Rising and Vote Run Lead present RUN/51 Getting Ready to Run

Black Women Rising and Vote Run Lead are hosting a unique training for Black women in Minnesota who are contemplating or interested in running for the state legislature in 2022. At this training, Black women will have the opportunity to learn how to write and deliver a compelling stump speech, as well as the nuts and bolts of running for public office. Women of color make up approximately 18% of the population in Minnesota, but represent only 6% of the state legislative seats. At this rate, it will take 21 more years until gender parity is achieved at the state capitol. We can not wait. We must act now and it starts with training more women to run.

Black Women Rising’s mission is to leverage Black Women’s organizing skills, leadership potential and political power to influence and positively impact their community. Vote Run Lead is fighting to create a more inclusive and reflective democracy and the organization is committed to unleashing the political power of women as voters, candidates and leaders to create and sustain an equitable democracy. RUN/51 is Vote Run Lead’s newest initiative to move the Minnesota legislature to 51% women’s representation by 2024. It’s time to make the Minnesota legislature #herhouse! This 90 minutes training will be co-led by campaign experts:

  • Alberder Gillespie, President, and Co-Founder, Black Women Rising
  • Pakou Hang, Chief Program Officer, Vote Run Lead
  • Marquita Stephens, Vice President, Black Women Rising
  • Juanita Lewis, Certified National Trainer, Vote Run Lead

After the training, you will receive Vote Run Lead's RUN/51 Ramp-Up, our 10-week tool-kit straight to your inbox to ensure you keep moving on your leadership journey.



July 10, 2021 at 10:00am - 11:30am