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    2022 Impact Report

    Learn More

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    Mailing Address

    199 Malcolm X Blvd.
    Apartment 4
    New York, NY 10026

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  • 105 alums will be sitting in statehouses in 23 states | Digital Resources for a New Era

    The Vote Run Lead Headquarters (#VRLHQ) website offers unprecedented access to smart, responsive content for women to run their campaigns, and win.

    The site is launching in February 2023!

  • 73% of women of color won their races | Meeting Women Where They Are

    Alums told us they wanted campaign managers who reflect their lived experience—so we piloted three campaign manager trainings for a diverse group of women. Alums also told us they needed peers and responsive curriculum for questions that weren’t getting answered anywhere else—and The Rundown was born.

    Official “Leadership Lab” launching in Women’s History Month 2023!

  • 6 alums headed to Congress | Using Culture to Make Change

    Our message of equity and equality must reach beyond the political sphere and into the everyday, so we popped up in your feed this year with features in theSkimm, Marie Claire, OWN, etc.

  • 363 alums ran for office | Reflective State Legislatures

    RUN/51 helped hold the line in Georgia and New York on overall women’s representation, notably increasing the representation of women of color.

    Minnesota gained overall, including women of color, to see 42.5% representation in the legislature.

    The takeaway? We need a woman running for every statehouse seat. Because when we run, we win.

  • Powerful Data to Fuel the Future

    The new, interactive State of My Democracy website illustrates how women, and particularly women of color, are represented in each state legislature. Check out the tool to understand the representation of women in the state where you live.

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    Donate now to support the next wave of barrier-breaking women in 2023 and beyond!

    Donate now to support the next wave of barrier-breaking women in 2023 and beyond!

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    2022 Impact Report

    Women prevailed in 2022.

    This year, 105 alumnae will be sitting in state legislatures across 23 states. Many of these women were challengers and non-incumbents, running in districts with no woman or person of color representing their constituents. Together, we helped ensure that our communities reach significant victories in bringing more women to decision-making tables. Tables where life-changing impact–policies that affect everyone–can be fully realized. 

    Among the impressive wins of 2022, Together, we helped ensure our community would have significant wins this year, including:  

    • The first full year of our RUN/51 initiative to transform every state legislature in the country into women-led legislative bodies;
    • Finally, the first three Black women to sit in the Minnesota State Senate in its 164-year history —all Vote Run Lead alums;
    • An impressive 363 women ran for office, with a 68% win rate;
    • The launch of State of My Democracy, a tool to understand the representation of women and women of color in your state house and senate;
    • Six Vote Run Lead alums are headed to Congress.

    Check out more highlights from this year.

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    Learning Accommodations

    We are committed to supporting all participants in their learning experience. If you need accommodation or support of any kind, please let us know on your application form.

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    Health and Safety

    We are so excited to return to offering in-person training so we can learn and build community together in the same room. 

    To protect staff and event participants, Vote Run Lead will be implementing the following COVID-19 operating procedures before and during all in-person trainings/events:

    Vote Run Lead requires attendees to be fully vaccinated and have received a booster shot against COVID-19 at least two weeks prior to the start of the event. If accepted, we will ask you to confirm your booster status when you register. Accommodations for religious, medical or any other reason required by law will be considered on an individual basis.

    If you develop symptoms prior to the start of the training we expect that you will test for COVID-19. Please also notify us right away and we will stay in communication about your test results, symptoms and make a call about whether it will be safe for you to still attend. 

    To reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure en route to the training, participants are highly encouraged to wear masks while traveling in public spaces such as airplanes, trains, Uber/Lyft, etc.

    For those feeling in good health, wearing a mask is optional during the training and we encourage you to do what you feel comfortable with, while taking common sense precautions to avoid risk (using hand sanitizer, maintaining distance when possible, etc.).  VRL will provide color-coded stickers for your nametag, to indicate your level of comfort being near people.

    If an attendee, trainer, or staff member reports symptoms during the event, VRL will supply a rapid antigen test. Anyone who tests positive on the rapid antigen test will need to isolate for the remainder of the event. Attendees who test negative on the rapid antigen test will be permitted to continue attending, but will need to wear a mask.

    Please navigate our time together with compassion and respect for each other and yourself.

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    We will create a waitlist of applicants whom we can grant later acceptance to attend the training, if we receive a cancellation from an accepted registrant, or if accepted applicants do not register by the stated deadline. We will make every attempt to give advance notice of acceptance to those on the waitlist, but this will depend on the amount of notice we get from those who are canceling their registration.

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    Because this training is application-based and we can accept only 40 applicants, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you are accepted and then unable to attend. Please notify us at [email protected].

    We hope you will give us enough notice of cancellation if you are accepted and registered, that we are able to offer the spot to another applicant.

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    Preparation and Pre-Work

    We will share some materials in advance of the training that we will ask that you read through before you arrive. It shouldn’t take more than an hour and we will send them at least a week in advance. We will also be requesting a few things from you, to share with us before you arrive at the training.

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    During the three training days (Thurs, Fri, Sat) we will provide breakfast and lunch, plus coffee and snacks.  We will also be hosting a celebration dinner on Friday night. If accepted, you can share with us any special dietary needs as part of the final registration.

    You will be on your own for dinner Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday night. We encourage you to use this time to get to know fellow participants, or to get some good recovery time, depending on your needs and interests.

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    Participants are responsible for booking their own travel and transportation to and from the training venue/hotel.