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Vote Run Lead trains women to run for office and win. We believe that more women in government creates a stronger democracy. We are on a mission to make it happen.



A Strategy to Transform State Legislatures into Women Majority Legislative Bodies

Despite being 51% of the nation’s population, women are still less than 25% of elected state officials. We have pinpointed three key states where we can train enough women to create women-led state legislatures by 2024: Georgia, Minnesota, and New York.

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"Every Woman's Virtual Campaign Team"

Your virtual kitchen cabinet— weekly experts to add to your personal campaign team.

Whether you’re running for office, working on a campaign or protecting our democracy, Vote Run Lead is here for you. Each week, “Cabinet Members'' will go online to answer your questions, give you real-time advice and fact-based information. 

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Don’t know where to start? We have training expertise to run for office at all levels in every state.

There are over 520,000 offices to run for in the United States. We can help you find the right one for you! Learn how to RUN AS YOU ARE and win. 

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Run As You Are

We believe if you have a passion to serve, you can #RunAsYouAre now and win. We've trained thousands of women to run for office, and we've got more than a few success stories—including Representative Lauren Underwood, the youngest black woman ever elected to Congress. See how she, and many others, are increasing female participation in our nation's government.

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We love creating partnerships that bring our award winning curriculum to more women across the country and online. 

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