The number of women political leaders has stagnated.



Technology + Organizing = Change


Online or in-person, VoteRunLead will inspire, equip and inform women to move up the leadership continuum.

When men and women lead side-by-side, we all do better.


Today, technology allows us to leverage local networks, influential partners and media channels as never before.


Invitation Nation will provide you the tools and tips to make it easy to ask women in your life to run.


Imagine the impact that half a million women will have when they step up to lead.

Katie Groke Ellis and Erin Vilardi of VoteRunLead presented two incredibly engaging and informative workshops recently for the women of Wyoming at Leap into Leadership. Whether seasoned campaigners or civic leaders with no political campaign plans, participants found value in this workshop from VoteRunLead.

VoteRunLead is for women who are ready to access the leadership roles that would allow them to fully leverage their talents. This is where VRL comes in, equipping women with the knowledge, tools and network required to transcend barriers to become inspired, visionary leaders in their work, their communities and their own lives.

Board of County Commission, Teton County Wyoming Coordinator at Wyoming Women's Legislative Caucus

Melissa Turley

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Pamela Scharf

Management Consultant

Invitation Nation combines the messages that motivate women to run with social networks and simple online tools. As the main leadership engagement tool of VoteRunLead, the women invited to run will be provided political and community leadership training through our online resources and award- winning trainings. Invitation Nation will unlock a powerful avenue for recruitment and forever change how and when women enter politics.

VoteRunLead is a national nonpartisan organization that unleashes the power of women leaders in democracy through training, technology and community. We aim for large-scale impact on women’s political representation never before seen in the United States. By harnessing social networks as a new and powerful recruitment tool, creating an online platform to learn to run and lead, and conducting in-person trainings that build community, VoteRunLead will fuel women’s ambition for political leadership, redistribute power in our democracy, and close the knowledge gap around politics for women from all classes, cultures and colors.

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